LazyVim: Transform Neovim into a full-fledged IDE

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For years, I maintained a highly customised esoteric vim config that eventually became a maintenance burden. I started spending more time in traditional IDEs like Intellij (with vim mode enabled, of course), which work out-of-the-box with all the features you’d expect from an IDE.

I always missed the pure efficiency and speed of nvim but was willing to accept the loss due to the advanced features of Intellij: amazing refactoring capabilities, best-in-class debugger and near zero config.

But I dreamt of an Intellij level experience in nvim. I wanted an opinionated, easily customizable and fast nvim config framework to carry most of the maintenance burden for me.

I tried using LunarVim and AstroNvim, which are both amazing projects, but I kept finding snagging issues that stopped me from wanting to go all in.

I’ve now discovered LazyVim, which hits the sweet spot: super fast to launch, sane defaults and easily customisable thanks to the amazing lazy.nvim foundation.

My config has never been so clean while packing in so much functionality. Highly recommend!