I’m Alexander Keliris. I live in the UK, where I consult for clients all over the world.

Before discovering my passion for programming, I intended to become an academic philosopher: studying for a BA in Philosophy at University and then an MA. But before continuing on to a PhD, I decided to take a break from education.

I took an internship at a classical music publishing house. Music was my first passion, so this seemed like a good start. It was here that I got involved in an internal startup building an app to read sheet music. This was the spark that kindled my love of programming.

I then left the internship to try building my own startup. I taught myself to code, whilst doing freelance web development on the side. Six months later, the startup wasn’t sustainable, so I started my first full-time job as a full stack developer at an investor-backed early-stage startup called Rota. I was the third technical hire, so got to have a large impact early on.

From there, I founded my consulting company, Keliris Consulting, where I have been contracting ever since. I’ve consulted for startups and large enterprises across the full stack, where I strive to have an immediate and significant impact on infrastructure decisions, architecture, implementation, CI/CD and design.

Talk to me about Rust 🦀, Golang, Typescript, Javascript, Node.js, React, React Native, Kubernetes, AWS, Docker, and much more!