I'm a Software Engineer based in London - I build full stack applications for the mobile and web.

Experienced with JavaScript, TypeScript, React, React Native, Node, ReasonoML, GraphQL, Postgres, SQL, AWS, Serverless stacks, and more recently Rust 💪.

I am the author of spotify-tui - a Spotify client for the terminal written in Rust 🚀.

I want to be using Rust full time! Please get in touch if you are using it!

Other interests

When I'm not programming, I play music (piano, guitar and lute), build mechanical keyboards, read books, swing kettle bells, go rock climbing, gaze at the stars, paint with watercolours and spend time with friends and family.


I can be known online as Rigellute - pronounced Ryjel lute.

I chose this name since Rigel, a bright star in the constellation of Orion, is one of my favourite stars in the night sky. And lute, because I play one!